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Brand Power Comes From DIVERSE Products, Ideas & People.

"From Diversity Can Come Strength"

Brands are about much more than logos and products, and it isn't often we get to see this reality in their day to day operations. Except in times of Zeitgeist (times of social change).Successful & Innovative brands create the future, whilst unsuccessful ones live in their past. Great brands also instinctively know that their success lies in building powerful relationships with ever-changing consumers, markets, and societies. They focus on trying to view the world from many different optics and perspectives, not from just a single internal narrative.  Brands are about people and sharing as well as including others from diverse and ever changing worlds.  And never forgetting that the world doesn't stand still.

"Great brands never forget that the world doesn't stand still"

If we examine markets, we will see that with stunning regularity trends repeat themselves: civil rights and veganism in the late 1960's, yoga and fossil fuel consumption in the early 1970's. Trends simply seem to repeat themselves. But there is a difference. Today's racial equality movement is different from earlier versions being more political in nature, of wider scope, with a near religious technology basis and having more cross-connections with other social justice movements. It is easy to misread and thus wrongly navigate hyper-connected cultural and social movements that run through markets and which have potential big impact on any brand. The waters are very dangerous for any brand. Just ask NIKE and Gillette (to name a few) which have lost more long-term customers than gained by trying to "game" and ride the wave of social movements.

"It is easy to misread and thus wrongly navigate hyper-connected cultural and social movements that run through markets"

DYADIC has been viewing brands for decades in terms of diverse markets, people, cultures, beliefs and dynamics for 3 decades. And doing so from a truly global perspective across Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the UK, New Zealand, North America, and Eastern Europe.  Our clients span the spectrum of industries, product types, countries, cultures and customer types... And they continue to do so.  Let us make your brand a truly diverse one that opens doors to the innovation, opportunities, strengths, and inspiration that diversity brings- making your brand and its customers flourish.

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What We Can Do For Your Brand...

"We created from scratch a now iconic, industry-leading turn-key brand including full Digital 360 Campaigns, Content and COMMS (Digital & Offline), Brand and Marketing Strategy, Identity, over 2000 Brand Design Assets (Offline and Digital), websites, Online & Physical BAM stores, and created over 750 original products (across 10 different categories)... all from a blank canvas."