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Client Case: WCHS Group: The Better Way™

Creating a UK Industry-Leader:

FWC was an LA-UK partnered hair replacement company situated in Mayfair, London (UK). DYADICA were called in to help re-brand and re-build the WCHS brand from the ground-up after the relationship ended. After detailed internal and external analysis, strategy and planning sessions with WCHS' Founders, and market analysis worldwide, DYADICA went to work. The brand team involved DYADICA resources working with the company founders regarding brand strategy generation, brand management, and tactical implementation of the complete corporate identity (as well as external and internal branding and marketing campaigns).  

Having carefully developed the Better Way™ identity (including taglines) and all campaigns and vehicles (On and Offline) to propagate it, DYADICA and its internal brand management team created the most desired brand in the hair replacement industry. Over the course of twenty six months, WCHS has emerged as not only a leading brand in London, but also in the UK and worldwide (now operating on four (4) continents). The company has doubled in size within 12 months, alone.

Online, the WCHS website and its industry-leading (and world's first) hair-replacement weblog family were strategically developed and designed to make the WCHS brand the most powerful (across many dimensions) in its industry, and to be true to its core values. Finally, DYADICA strategically-developed the WCHS Foundation concept to be the first such hair loss foundation in the world. From celebrity endorsements to major press attention, the Foundation lives and spreads the word of the WCHS brand across every media, customer, and geographic boundary and contact point.  

Finally, we developed the brand's FMCG extension, including its range of shampoos, nutritionals, hair therapy products, and the world's first complete Hair Re-Growth Kit (using US FDA-Approved ingredients).


The Result:

The re-branded WCHS, its Better Way™ identity, and WHY? advertising campaigns have generated over 400 million UK impressions alone and positioned WCHS as the premiere name in hair replacement in the UK usurping long established competition. The brand's client base has doubled in record time, and growth will only continue globally.