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Client Case- Singapore Telecoms

A complete re-branding assignment of Singapore’s largest company ($15 Billion USD-2009 and 300 million customers across Asia). The central aim of this work, which lasted for over a year, was the strengthening of the corporate brand to minimize the loss of business and profitability anticipated as a result of forthcoming deregulation. Research was studied regarding the perceptions of the company held by many different consumer groups.

We completely re-structured the brand and architecture issues were addressed. Brand strategy workshops were created and held for all strategic business units and subsidiary companies to ensure that all of them built the brand strategy into their business plans. Workshops were also held for all advertising agencies to ensure consistency of brand communications. A brand strategy ‘blueprint’ report was produced as a detailed guide as to how the new brand had been constructed and recommendations/ implications for its implementation.


The Result:

Record KPI achievements including preference, top of mind placement, repeat purchase increases, market position, new product success, brand equity increases, and corporate revenue increases were achieved.