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The Private Sector- Corporations and Business

Assignments: The Private Sector

The following are samples of assignments undertaken in the private sector:

a. Microsoft: We advised on next-generation development of the CRM business of the world’s number two brand as well as produced a series of business seminars on branding and customer relationship management.

a2.  ASPIRATION Hair London.  We evolved this once startup into one of the UK's most successful hair replacement brands. We evolved the brand identity, positioning, and brand strategy, then from this generated brand-driven websites, digital content and assets, commercials, print ads, products, social media assets, and eCommerce. The result? We took a struggling small business to its NEXT-LEVEL: becoming one of the most successful and powerful brands in its national UK category.

b. Nestle: We were asked by Nestle, one of the world`s leading consumer packaged goods brands, to generate a way to make it the first choice brand among Asia`s coffee shop operators and vendors. We did.

c. Singapore Telecoms: A complete re-branding assignment of Singapore’s largest company ($15 Billion USD-2009 and 300 million customers across Asia). The central aim of this work, which lasted for over a year, was the strengthening of the corporate brand to minimize the loss of business and profitability anticipated as a result of forthcoming deregulation. Research was studied regarding the perceptions of the company held by many different consumer groups. The brand was completely re-structured and brand architecture issues addressed. Brand strategy workshops held for all strategic business units and subsidiary companies to ensure that all of them built the brand strategy into their business plans. Workshops were also held for all advertising agencies to ensure consistency of brand communications. A brand strategy ‘blueprint’ report was produced as a detailed guide as to how the new brand had been constructed and recommendations/implications for its implementation.

d. Motorola: This assignment included the design and piloting of a global Brand Management training program for all Motorola marketing and brand employees, with the aim of achieving more consistency in brand execution across the world. Following this was the design and implementation of an advertising diagnostics workshop for Motorola Electronics to give staff more knowledge in dealing with advertising agencies, and a better ability to use advertising and promotional materials that truly reflected the Motorola brands.

e. WHITE CLIFFS Hair Studio UK: We completely re-engineered this brand from its initial identity as a single London franchise partner with a failing US firm to being a globally-known, stand-alone brand now on four (4) continents. From brand identity creation to total integrated marketing communications, to online (website, blogs and online strategy) generation to FMCG consumer products development, to shareholder to brand environment strategy, and from brand culture generation to brand architecture, DYADICA totally rebuilt, helped manage, and evolve this globally-expanding brand in the UK, USA, Asia, and Australia. Finally, DYADICA created the brand`s famed WHY and BECAUSE campaigns that generated over 150 million impressions in the UK within 6 months.

f. EXXON/ESSO North America: We successfully advised EXXON/ESSO, regionally, on how to radically re-think its marketing strategy, stop relying on price competition, and redefine the very relationship between its brand, products, and the consumer. The result: 1). the project broke new ground in strategic brand marketing applications 2). EXXON/ESSO is by far the leader in terms of position, market share , brand equity, and strength of the brand-consumer relationship— key factors of brand success in a very competitive market.

g. ProvisionShop: Brand creation, development and design for a ‘Promising SME’ with financial aid from the Singapore Government. This was a start-up enterprise focusing on helping the survival and up-skilling of small retailers.

h. Affin Bank: Affin Bank is one of the anchor banks in Malaysia formed by the consolidation of nearly fifty banks into eight. We were responsible for the formulation of volume and profit targets for the bank and developing them into a Marketing Planning program for all business branches that led to record growth and brand equity build.

i. TDK: Recently called in to work on the complete re-engineering of one of the world’s largest sound and recording technology & materials corporations to re-establish its brand dominance in all of Asia and the world.

j. FEAR-NONE: DYADICA created this unique and trend-setting US clothing brand for the USA and Global Markets. We generated the strategy, brand identity, positioning, creative, TV commercials, marketing materials, brand collateral, all online/digital aspects (website, ecommerce store, advertising), print ads, posters, and full eCommerce platform. We also created its 160 piece Fall/Winter 2015 & 2016 collection, as well as the marketing strategy & initiatives to make FEAR-NONE the leader in its blue ocean premium clothing niche.

k. Empower London: we created every aspect of brand and marketing for this London hair brand, from identity to websites, creative to campaigns, strategy to brand management implementation, to digital media campaign creation and marketing management. The brand has grown over 500% since our engagement--leading its category.