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Client Case: Human Talent plc

This Monaco based company was first branded as C-Search-C (CSC), and was invovled in the executive search/recruitment field. CSC's CEO decided that to maximize company equity as well as potential, open up new client possibilities, and expand into other categories, the only way forward was for a brand-based approach. We were called in to analyze the situation and discover the best pathway for re-branding—and then formulate a solution. Former C-Search-C became Human Talent, a brand that addresses the most vital undercurrent of recruitment that no one has yet been able to deeply capitalize on brand and marketing-wise: the industry is really about people (Talent). Using in-depth analysis and strategy formulation for brand success, SXTC created an entirely new brand identity and proposition that went far beyond re-packaging and style to include POP, digital communications and their website.  


The Result:

The Human Talent logo, however, has now become an icon both within and outside of the recruitment industry: one that communicates and even celebrates what Human Talent is all about... people, talent, potential, and being different. The final result? Human Talent within less that 1 year became a multi-million dollar business, extended into several new segments of recruitment, and is now opening offices across the globe.