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Client Case: EXXON/ESSO North America

Successfully advised EXXON/ESSO, in North America, on how to radically re-think its retail and commercial marketing strategy, stop relying on price competition, and redefine the very relationship between its brand, products, and the consumer. Creating next-generation consumer analysis and innovation pipelines.


The Results:

1). The initiatives broke new ground in strategic Brand Marketing applications 2). Insight from a brand-consumer relationship perspective was achieved leading to valuable knowledge of key drivers of both product and brand choice for better decision-making 3). New Innovation pipelines on a mass scale were created for both retail and commerical 3). EXXON/ESSO became by far the leader in terms of position, market share, brand equity, and strength of the brand-consumer relationship—key factors of brand success in a very competitive, price-driven (commodity) market. 4). Consumer preference levels and commercial and retail revenues from marketing initiatives over the next 48 months rose record levels.