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Client Case:

Dubai Fitness Style Leader:

We enhanced a UAE SME manufacturer of fitness, weights and gym equipment in an industry dominated by large, long-term competition. Taking it from being just another local, SME unbranded manufacturer to a world-class competitor rapidly in Dubai, across the UAE and globally within months. We created a strategic and tactical direction and vision across brand, identity, marketing, digital and products and services that shook the industry to its core. Record-breaking Brand Engagement and Preference levels for the industry with Sales increases of up to 400%. The brand rapidly went from stagnation to the UAE's and region's #1 challenger within 1 year and still continues on a rapid acceleration.

•Full Brand Strategy

•Brand Identity

•Positioning and strategic brand warfare

•Design & Creative

•Packaging & Brand Collateral

•Environment & Premises branding

•Marketing Strategy(On and Offline)

•Campaign Generation

•New Product Development & Launching

•Integrated Marketing Management (Full IMC)

•Digital, Website, eCommerce Updating & Enhancement

•Integrated SEM (SEO, PPC, Social, YouTube)

•Loyalty, Persona and CRM

•Local, regional and global New Market Entry

IMC Communications Campaign (Off and Online)
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