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Client Case:

A two-fold assignment:

As leading practitioners, we generated from scratch a state-of-the-art MBA in Marketing and Brand Management for this esteemed university in London UK. We also advised C-Level leaders on every aspect of brand identity, positioning, core values, communications, design/style and overall brand and marketing strategy and campaigns for the new "university" core brand. This was to further instill, reinforce, and communicate the unique BPP brand identity and its core values to the UK education marketplace, college campuses, students, external and internal brand employees, as well as consumers.

The Result:

Massive brand equity build, powerful brand identity creation, brand reinforcement, penetration, preference and loyalty building with key users, the post-secondary education marketplace, and Next-Gen demographics in the vital national UK and global university/college market.  The brand sold for £150 million USD after the project.