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"The American Way..."

DYADICA were asked to create the strategy, concepts, imagery, design, and art for American Airlines' famed American Way Magazine. After in-depth brand and identity research and analysis, we developed a strategy to enhance positive brand heritage and build brand equity by focusing on the Golden Age of American passenger flight-- including the symbols, imagery, and biggest stars of American's past that still resonate those feelings today. Stars included Bob Hope, Bob Newhart, Jack Lemon, and James Garner.


The Result:

The project opened new ground for utilizing American's unique classic heritage while growing brand equity, promoting core values, creating brand-customer preference, and making positive brand associations stronger than ever (locally, nationally, and globally).  This resulted in initiatives, style, design, visuals, and advertisements that communicated to the public and employees the rich, warm, and classic heritage American enjoys and still offers to this day.

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